Rajasthan Industries' Directory is perhaps the most comprehensive reference and information source featuring entire spectrum of industrial products and related services from the largest Indian state of Rajasthan. Since its genesis in the year 2003, it has gone through a tremendous transformation in all aspects- be its volume, quantity of data, the quality of information and the look and feel as well. We leave no stone unturned to incorporate various suggestions, feedback and complaints as well to satisfy the readers & meet the objectives behind the directory. This edition, like its predecessors, is also the true testimonial to the aforesaid line as it has been an outcome of months of hard work and thousands of man-hours devoted towards collecting, compiling, cross-checking, rectifying and organizing data and racing against the clock by the whole team behind this arduous and prodigious task.

Our inclination & passion to deliver better and different have helped us prepare every edition differently and innovatively like our other publications & respective their editions various indices like Company Index, Segment Index-Industries, Segment Index-Solutions and Service Providers are prepared to help the reader access the directory in a white page manner by company /firm/segment search. Segment Index-Industries this time is a bigger list prepared meticulously and technically sound manner, yet very user friendly and easily referable. Various new segments and products, as per their hits surveyed from various websites, Popular and established directories and similar database search sources and their commonly used names in the trade and industry, are inserted for making it more reference friendly and informative.

In our effort to enhance the utility of this source, we have divided this directory into four broad sections, which are further sub divided into various chapters. For a better understanding and to make it more informative, numerous useful tables are also provided especially, in the non-data & information pages.

Rajasthan and its Industrial Scenario

It starts with the graphical glance of the state of Rajasthan by mapping Rajasthan and its Industrial Scenario starts with the graphical glance of the state of...

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Large and Medium Scale Industries in Rajasthan

The presence of the large number of leading Indian, Multinational Companies(MNC's) and The presence of the large number of leading Indian, Multinational Companies(MNC's) and ...

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Database of Industries in Rajasthan

This epicenter section provides latest information on the manufaturers indexed and segmented in various broad product categories. .....

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Solution & Service Providers to the Industry

It covers the segments, which help the trade and industry in the smooth functioning of their business.It covers the segments, which help the trade and industry in the smooth functioning of their business......

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Section-1 (Rajasthan and its Industrial Scenario)

Rajasthan by mapping the prominent industrial areas (Please refer-The Industrial Map of Rajasthan) and pointing out special industrial and economic zones with a table enlisting 33 districts of Rajasthan with their respective areas and population figures. The information pages starts with a single-pager "Rajasthan at a Glance", giving a tabular picture of Rajasthan in a more simplified manner to really go with its name. A SWOT Analysis is also tabulated which markets and sells the state of Rajasthan by pointing out the strengths and opportunities in the state of Rajasthan. "All about Rajasthan", as the name suggests, is the true representation of Rajasthan as it covers the important attributes like Political System. Geography, Economy, Agriculture and Agro Resources, Tourism, Mineral Wealth, Social Infrastructure, Physical Infrastructure. Above all,it presents the industrial scenario and infrastructure of Rajasthan giving clear picture of the overall status of the Industry in the State. This section very well presents and rather appreciates the state's investment-friendly and industry-friendly infrastructure and policies. A very new important chapter has been created by the name "List of State/Central Government Organisations & other Agencies with Main Role in Industries" to present a detailed picture of the organisations without whose help it is literally not possible to develop, run, expand and flourish business. We heartfully acknowledge the support of various trade bodies, chambers and industrial associations as with their support it got easy for us to collect, compile and update the data and therefore this time we have loaded this chapter with some more data on associations. The chapter namely "Some Prominent Industrialists and Corporates in Rajasthan" covers some exclusive write-ups and corporate profiles of the leading corporates from the soil of Rajasthan. Another new feature by the name of "Some of the Important Acts & Enactments in Rajasthan" has been added this time to this directory in an effort to cover almost everything related and useful to trade and industry.

Section-2 (Large and Medium Scale Industries in Rajasthan)

Rajasthan-based national corporates on the Industrial soil of Rajasthan can be very well appreciated in this section as it presents the Large and Medium Scale Industries, segmented districtwise, providing contact details, products manufactured, date of production, fixed capital, working capital, employment, production value .In short, this section is where the genesis of the whole directory lies.

Section-3 (Database of Industries in Rajasthan)

This epicenter section provides latest information on the manufaturers indexed and segmented in various broad product categories. Details such as address, telephone number, fax number, email, contact person, website address, product/s manufactured have been provided. To be very honest, this section could not cover all the units in the state due to various limitations and constraints. It was indeed a herculean task to limit the number of industrial units to be covered in this information source.

Section-4 (Solution & Service Providers to the Industry)

Service Provider Segments like Certification Bodies, Industrial Consultants, ISO Consultants, Manpower Consultants, Security Services, Testing Laboratories, Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Transporters, Trademarks and Patents Consultants, Vastu Consultants, Valuers to name a few and Industrial Product Dealers and many more (Please refer Segment Index-Service Providers) are indexed to make it a handy guide at the time of sourcing and buying decisions.

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